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The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery will be meeting for the 31st time, and LifeTec Group will be present.

The 31st EACTS annual meeting is planned from 7 to 11 October in wonderful Vienna. This year LifeTec Group will once again be present at this special event. 

31st EACTS annual meeting

The EACTS organisation has 4,000 active members, mostly surgeons, perfusionists and allied health professionals.

The mission of the Association is to advance education in the field of cardiac, thoracic and vascular interventions; and to promote research into cardiovascular and thoracic physiology, pathology and therapy, with the aim to correlate and disseminate the results for the public benefit.

LifeTec Group | NeoChord training @ LifeTec Group Eindhoven lab
'close to real' research and training platforms

With its ‘close to real’ research platform, its wealth of experience, and its crew of ‘skilled scientific craftsmen’, LifeTec Group contributes significantly to research as well as education.

You will find one of our research platforms and two of our ‘craftsmen’ in Vienna between 8 and 11 October. 



[Photo: Training heart surgeons, using the 'Cardiac Biosimulator Platform', at the LifeTec Group lab in Eindhoven NL]

Vienna will be the beautiful stage set for the 31st annual meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, from 7 to 11 October. 

During this event, NeoChord will offer cardiac surgeons - amongst others - the opportunity to develop their skills by performing a mitral valve repair procedure on a real beating heart: the Cardiac Biosimulator Platform [link] developed by LifeTec Group. The platform will be facilitated at the Austria Center Vienna by LifeTec Group’s Sjoerd van Tuijl and Elke van Soest.

LifeTec Group | EACTS floorplan

The NeoChord stand takes up three booth spaces, indicated on the map by the numbers 98, 101 and 103.

We look forward to welcoming you in Vienna!

If you’d like to know more about the Cardiac Biosimulator Platform [link] and discuss it with us, please come and visit the NeoChord stand in Vienna.

If you prefer to make sure that Sjoerd, Elke or LifeTec Group's CEO Jurgen de Hart are available, feel free to contact Office Manager Janneke Cuijpers. She’ll be happy to schedule a meeting for you. [ Contact Janneke ]

An impression of last year’s EACTS event in Barcelona: 


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Jurgen de Hart

Senior Research Engineer

Sjoerd van Tuijl

Office Manager

Janneke Cuijpers

R&D technician

Elke van Soest

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